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I will be in NYC this weekend - March 1-3 - and still have some time left for shoots. I am available for art nudes, glamour, fetish (stills and video). Just keep in mind that I am almost 35 weeks pregnant (don’t want to show up and surprise anybody).  If you’d like to book a shoot email me at

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photoshoot33 asked: Paige Would you consider modeling, and maybe joining a nude photography meetup in Richmond, Virginia. The Nude Photography and Modeling Richmond Area is doing photo shoots as a Meetup Group. James Gray is the Coordinator, and a Richmond, Virginia Photographer. I hope you will do a photo shoot or 2 for use. James Lawson

Thanks so much for the inquiry.  I’m not traveling much right now due to the pregnancy and subsequent baby.  However I will be doing more traveling next fall. Please email me with more info regarding these shoots and maybe  I can do one next fall.  My email is