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Fetish Con 2014

I will be at Fetish Con this year!  Yay!!!!! Super Excited!  Also I am available for shoots and sessions while there so email me at if you’re interested. 

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Anonymous asked: Do you ever drive barefoot?

I don’t set out to drive barefoot but I have slipped off my flats or sandals on occasion and done so.

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Anonymous asked: Hi Paige, I would like to see you in an outdoor pee-video with fully shaved pussy. How about that?

I would be happy to make that clip for you if you’d like to order it. Email to discuss the details.

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Anonymous asked: Can you go to Vermont and tickle a guy I know against his will?

Nope.  I only tickle people who consent to being tickled. 

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Anonymous asked: Peige as you like to drive ?????

I don’t drive around just for the pleasure of driving.  However, on a nice day with the radio on and not much traffic diving can be enjoyable. 

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Anonymous asked: Seeing your huge pregnant bump makes me horny... Is that allowed? I can stop if you want.

It’s totally allowed.  Even though I’m not pregnant anymore feel free to enjoy any pregnancy photos of me that you run across.  (Now that I’m back to work I’ll be posting some that were shot very near the end of my pregnancy). 

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Anonymous asked: How do photographers control themselves when you do such erotic poses? I myself being a photographer, if I ever shoot you...I think I'll have hard time shooting.

Well I hope that you would find yourself so focused on the lighting and angles and getting the right shot that you wouldn’t really need to focus too hard on controlling yourself.  That being said if you did happen to get turned on I would not be upset PROVIDED that you just kept it to yourself and focused on the task at hand.