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KaPow Bitches!

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Anonymous asked: What tickling tools work best on you?

Fingers are good.  Sometimes feathers if you use them just right.  Light tickling doesn’t work very well for me though.  A hairbrush on my feet works very well. 

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I just wanted to say you're truly lovely. I've always fancied you as a model but recently bought a video where you speak and you've got the most adorable voice. Tall, willowy, southern brunette. You're gorgeous and I really hope you can keep producing videos.

Awww…thank you so much!  I plan to keep doing lots more videos.  :-)

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Anonymous asked: OMG - Paige in GOLD? SWOOOOOOOOON 4 reals!!

Thanks!  Glad you like it!  The video will be up on Candleboxxx’s  clips store so go check it out. 

And when I get my clips store open there will be a different video of me in gold there as well.  :-)

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Anonymous asked: that pic of you in gold paint is hawt. what was it like to be painted gold?

Thanks!  First it was kinda cold.  And then it was a little sticky - tacky I guess it a better word for it.  Then it was just a touch stiff and very smooth.  And then I felt all shiny.  And I like shiny things.  :-)